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And to make it more legal

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Negative needs your help


Ngt need your help to spread the word and collect some pictures for us!! Pictures of what you might ask? Well pictures of your NGT tattoos!!!!

So send in a pic of your tattoo anything NGT related to ngtmemories@gmail.com

Help spread this around to everyone, please!
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Help - please!
All you Sir Christus / Negative fans out there.
Does any of you have pictures of our dear Sir making rude handgesture??

I have one picture, but I'm sure I've seen at least two more...
But I couldn't find them neither in my photobuckets nor computer, Seekie didn't have any either.
So, please help me out here - I promise nice manips in return... *grins*

This is the pic I have

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Crossposted everywhere - sorry for spamming your f'list!
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