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ngt_graphics's Journal

Negative Graphics
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to ngt_graphics, a site devoted to all kinds of graphics for the amazing Finnish band Negative

I, the moderator, wickedvalo666 do take requests for icons, sigs, wallpapers, layouts (and fanfics, but that's another story ^_^), so feel free to post and request those :D

There are not many rules but here they are - obey them and all will be well.

1. Posts must be Negative related. You don't have to have a graphic in each post but please make sure you're not talking about the socks your grandmother knitted you for Christmas. No one cares. We're here for Negative ^_^

2. Use an lj-cut if you will be posting multiple pics. (this includes icons)

3. If you know the photograph source, credit.

4. No hotlinking unless given permission. Use photobucket or some other such image hosting site to share pics

5. No fighting. I don't think there will be any issues with this, but please try to keep the peace.

moderated by: wickedvalo666